Team IN10s’ accomplishments

The Students’ Championship in American Football for women has been arranged in 2012 and 2013 together with Finnish Student Sport Federation (OLL).  The very first historical game between two universities was in 2011, when Åbo Akademi IN10s faced TUAS Tornadettes in Campus Catfight.

OSM 2015, Turku

1. Åbo Akademi IN10s
2. TCFA Unicorns

OSM 2013, Tampere

1. Åbo Akademi IN10s
2. UTU Damers

OSM 2012, Turku

1. UTU Damers
2. Åbo Akademi IN10s

Campus Catfight 2011, Turku

1. TUAS Tornadettes
2. Åbo Akademi IN10s